summit conference 2018 banner 11th annual summit conference on performance management september 4 through 6 2018 skirvin hilton hotel oklahoma city

Call for Proposals!

The deadline to submit your proposal is midnight EST on April 20th, 2018

The Program Content Team for the 11th Annual Summit on Performance Management Excellence invites you to submit a proposal to present at this year’s Summit. All submissions are due by midnight EST on April 20th, 2018.

Share with VR program evaluation and quality assurance professionals:

  • Completed or ongoing research and program evaluations
  • Successful practices which may not have a formal evaluation

Topic Suggestions:

  • Greater emphasis on quality assurance/continuous improvement, as well as program evaluation
  • Impact of combined state plans
  • Early results and trends in the Common Performance Measures
  • Process and results of Comprehensive Statewide Needs Assessment
  • New approaches and successful approaches with customer satisfaction
  • Impact of shared services/service integration with other WIOA core partners like your workforce partners
  • Impact and response to RSA Monitoring visit Analysis and impact of Quality Assurance policies and procedures in your agency
  • Impact of the new 911 Data Elements and Quarterly Reporting on data quality, data analytics and counselor time
  • Analysis of the relationships between client characteristics, client services and employment outcomes

Presentation Types:


  • Small group discussion of a topic
  • Seek feedback on a proposed evaluation design, new policy/procedure
  • Discussion of results from an evaluation, assistance in the design of an evaluation
  • Discussion of a training plan and how to measure its impact

Poster Session:

  • Showcase tools, templates, processes, projects
  • “Posters” will most likely be a laptop display or a staffed table
  • Mingle with participants, obtain feedback, pick up new ideas
  • We hope this will provide another opportunity for participants to take home tested and proven approaches

Questions or comments?

Visit the Conference website.