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Welcome PEQA Cohort Members!

In this program you’ll develop the key competencies necessary for you to successfully implement in your agency program evaluation and quality assurance activities. You’ll acquire knowledge and skills related to:

  • The State-Federal VR program
  • Data collection methodologies
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Making evaluative judgments and recommendations
  • Effective communication of results (including presentations, drafting reports, and building partnerships)
  • Ethical practice

We are committed to ensuring that what you learn will be relevant to your VR needs in the new WIOA environment. We will also work to support you in not only acquiring and applying new knowledge, but also to share what you learn to enhance capacity within state VR agencies.

Login into Online Training / Canvas

More about Canvas:

We invite you to login to Canvas, PEQA’s online learning management system.  Canvas will be your virtual, interactive “home” throughout this program. Feel free to explore, paying close attention to the following:

  • SVRI-PEQA Evaluation Studies Certificate – Syllabus
  • PEQA Student Handbook

We highly recommend that Apple users use the Puffin Web Browser (https://www.puffinbrowser.com, rather than Safari, to avoid technical glitches.

If you have any questions about Canvas or course content, please contact Erin Nierenhausen at nierenhausene@uwstout.edu.