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Capstone Projects

After successful completion of the online courses, participants will implement a capstone project within their state VR program. These projects are intended to provide an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills gained through the online courses in real-life situations. The goal is to design and implement program evaluation projects that support the participant’s state agency’s needs in measuring various aspects connected to successful WIOA implementation.

The capstone project must:

  • Be completed within one year of the completion of formal coursework for the certification program;
  • Be conducted on a topic responsive to the needs of the State VR agency and agreed to by the PEQA, the participant, and the State VR agency;
  • Be completed as part of the normal work duties of the participant in the State VR agency.

Approximately 9 months into the online course curriculum, participants will be connected with research mentors to start designing their capstone project. Collaboration among participants, with the potential to co-design and implement projects with an assigned mentor, is encouraged.

Capstone Projects of certification program participants will be highlighted on this website when available.