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Effective Communication

Having effective communication encompasses a wide variety of things.

Do you have an organizational structure that emphasizes open communication, less reliance on bureaucratic procedures to promote flexibility in service delivery? Vocational Rehabilitation agencies who increase open and effective communication internally report an increased response time to service delivery and fewer customer complaints. Staff morale has improved significantly as they are an active partner in problem-solving and leading innovation in practice to address local challenges.

Clear and open communication coupled with meaningful feedback and transparency has the ability to transform a work environment to inspire exceptional work and facilitate creativity throughout the organization.

What about external communication – communication with partners and consumers? For example, how can you improve communication between behavioral health providers, physicians, and community providers?

How do you take advantage of technology to facilitate open and flexible communication? How do you overcome barriers to using technology such as access and ability?

How do you meet the need of communicating with diverse populations served by your agency?

These are just some of the areas around communication the Program Evaluation and Quality Assurance (PEQA) Technical Assistance Center explores.

Resource: Report from the Rehabilitation Research & Training Center for Evidence-Based Practice in Vocational Rehabilitation (RRTC-EBP VR): Multiple Case Studies on Effective Vocational Rehabilitation Service Delivery Practices