Partners Profiles

Mary McManus

MsEd., be MsEd., Doctoral Candidate, Public Administration
Institution: Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute (SVRI), University of Wisconsin – Stout
Role in Peqatac: Committee Member

About Mary

Mary macmanus is the Interim Director for the Research and Knowledge Mobilization (RKmb) efforts and the “Fostering Success” program at SVRI.. RKmb includes collaborative internal and external team approaches to managing research, training, and evaluation of Emerging Practices in VR, then moving the outcomes forward as Evidence-Based Practice through knowledge mobilization and translation for the public/consumer. Fostering Success helps foster, homeless, and orphaned youth overcome obstacles and attain educational and work goals. Fostering Success, the only program of its kind in Wisconsin, is creating a middle school through college pipeline of services to address needs of these youth and young adults in transition.