WIOA Performance Accountability for VR Programs

The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) has developed a training series on performance accountability requirements and key terms defined in Section 116 of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), their relationship to the RSA-911 data elements, and how to calculate these indicators.

Seven independent, on-demand modules are available. They provide information on the key terms outlined in section 116 of WIOA, as well as on the six performance accountability indicators. It also provides an overview of supplemental wage guidance issued in TAC-17-04.

Training topics include:

  • Overview
  • Key Terms
  • Employment and Wage Indicators
  • Credential Attainment Indicator
  • Measurable Skill Gains Indicator
  • Effectiveness in Serving Employers Indicator
  • Supplemental Wage Information

These modules are available via the National Clearinghouse of Training Materials (NCRTM).

Please contact RSAData@ed.gov with any questions or comments about the training.