About PEQA

PEQATAC - Program Evaluation and Quality Assurance Technical Assistance Center


The Technical Assistance Center for Vocational Rehabilitation Agency Program Evaluation and Quality Assurance (SVRI-PEQA) is housed in University of Wisconsin-Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute (SVRI), in Menomonie, Wisconsin.

Program Collaborators

The SVRI-PEQA is directed by Dr. Cayte Anderson (Principal Investigator), Mary McManus (Co-PI); and involves key partners including Drs. Fong Chan and Tim Tansey (UW-Madison); Drs. Mike Leahy and Su Pi (Michigan State University), CSAVR, and the Summit Group.

Project Goals

  • Improve

    Define and develop initiatives that will improve the quality of employment outcomes for people with disabilities.

  • Innovate

    Adopt organizational innovations.

  • Integrate

    Evidence-based Practice (EBP) and program evaluation methods

  • Identify

    Harness advances in IT and communication technologies.

Outcomes & Impacts

  • Community of Practice

    Develop and implement a state VR evaluator-driven CoP to improve communication, information exchange, and training for program evaluators;

  • Training & Technical Assistance

    Provide ample specialized training opportunities based on expressed needs of state VR;

  • Collaborations

    Develop inter-agency collaboration networks and work teams committed to the improvement of quality assurance systems and tools.

Achieving the goals and objectives of the SVRI-PEQA will increase the capacity and sophistication of state VR program evaluators to provide timely and relevant program evaluation data.

This data will help state VR agencies develop new competencies capable of responding in new and different ways to create and deliver outcomes in a challenging economy.