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RSA Requests Input on Proposed Data Element Changes to RSA-911

The RSA is proposing a change to its data collection elements and invites you to submit your comments on the changes before November 30th, 2018.

The proposed revisions include:

  • Removing duplicative data elements, as well as those not specifically required by statute or used for statutorily required activities. RSA is proposing removing 66 elements from the current collection.
  • Adding 15 elements, 7 of which are related to adding a new service to track VR participation in Apprenticeships.
  • Adding several elements by request of VR agencies:
  • Date of Initial IPE
  • Date of IPE Extension
  • Date all Pre-Employment Transition Services were discontinued

You’ll find an itemized list of the proposed changes, as well as other supporting documents, on the Federal Register’s notice.

Proposed Data Element Changes to RSA-911

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