13th Annual Summit on Performance Management Excellence – New, Online Format!

The 13th Annual Summit on Performance Management Excellence is moving to an online format due to health concerns around COVID-19 after receiving input from state agencies and conference presenters.

We are exploring a variety of formats and activities to provide attendees with a conference experience that is meaningful, engaging, and builds expertise in program evaluation, quality assurance, and continuous improvement within the state Vocational Rehabilitation system.

Tentative Timeline

We anticipate offering the conference in late fall of 2020 and will share conference updates as conference planning develops. To get updated presentation sessions, dates, and registration information, visit the conference website:

Proposed Presentations

Conference presentations will offer attendees a wide range and depth of information on program evaluation and quality assurance/continuous improvement from practitioners, researchers, advocates, graduate students, educators and administrators. Presentations will:

  • Share educational experiences based on the expertise of knowledgeable professionals.
  • Showcase the evaluation results and projects of VR practitioners, academic researchers and other researchers in the VR field.
  • Promote excellence in program evaluation and quality assurance as a means to providing quality employment-related services to people with disabilities.
  • Highlight Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies’ strategies for internal controls, post exit services, program evaluation, case review processes, accurate data collection of credentials, skills gains and other workplace integration, which are necessary to support long-term employment outcomes and consumer self-sufficiency.
  • Support collaboration, resource sharing, networking opportunities, and technical assistance among conference attendees, presenters and sponsoring agencies.
  • Offer technical assistance to promote excellence in VR outcomes.

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  1. HI, I attended the conference and I was trying to save the handouts and materials for future reference, however, it only allows me to save as a shortcut and I can only assume that once this site is taken down in March, I will no longer be able to view the materials.

    Is there any guidance you can give me?

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