VR Evaluation Coach Training

Online VR Program Evaluation Coach: Analyzing Your Data – Free Webinar

This webinar series was recorded on March 21 , 2018.

Watch a demonstration to learn how this tool can work for you.

1 CRC is available upon submittal of the evaluation form.

The VR Program Evaluation Coach is a powerful tool. It helps you analyze your own data to evaluate your agency’s services and answer important questions such as:

  • How can I test new ideas?
  • Does a new program lead to outcomes that my agency and our clients want? 
  • Are we getting what we paid for?

How Does the Online VR Program Evaluation Coach Work?



VR professionals from across the country have benefited from this training:

“I do not usually collect data as a VR Counselor.  This training has me thinking about how data that is not being collected could assist me in improving my services.”  

“I am sure this tool will be a valuable instrument in program evaluations, both at the management level and at the program level.”

“The presenters were very knowledgeable on the topics they discussed.”

“The information presented was included in the tool kit and was very helpful.  The presentation will allow me to obtain additional information regarding program evaluation.”


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