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Effective Youth Transition Practices

What are the current best practices for working with youth in transition? New studies outline five areas of practice to consider.

State vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies are in a unique position to help youth transition from school to work. The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) requires that state VR agencies coordinate with their state’s education agency to outline their respective roles in planning and delivering services to students with disabilities. As a result, VR agencies can provide interventions through attendance at individualized education plan (IEP) meetings and facilitate entry into job training programs.

Youth may have access to VR services such as specialized training, soft skill development, and financing and other supports for post-secondary education. VR agencies may also be able to develop plans and provide services to help youth achieve competitive, paid employment.

Find out the fifteen characteristics were identified as associated with agencies with higher statistics for serving youth.

Source: Rehabilitation Research & Training Center for Evidence-Based Practice in Vocational Rehabilitation (RRTC-EBP VR)

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