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PEQA: Activity Updates

The first cohort of the PEQA Certification on Vocational Rehabilitation Program Evaluation and Quality Assurance began their PEQA experience on October 1, 2016. The cohort is made up of ten staff members from state vocational rehabilitation (VR) programs across the nation. They’re moving forward in learning the PEQA program content through online discussion board activities, quizzes, and self-guided learning opportunities.

Interactive and engaging…

Cohort members are able to work at their own pace in completing reading and assignments. They’re providing the PEQA Team with feedback as we identify program strengths and successes, and develop additional learning opportunities for the current and future cohorts. The learning environment is interactive and engaging, and both cohort members and the PEQA Team are excited to be a part of this unique learning process.

Looking forward…

With only ten spots open in each cohort, the PEQA Team is looking forward to advancing its goal to develop VR system initiatives that will improve the quality of employment outcomes for people with disabilities. We have the potential to include all 80 VR agencies in the next few years, and look forward to seeing the positive impacts this project will have on state VR agencies and for people with disabilities.

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